Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

It’s just me! My name is Cameron Henige

Items are automatically backed up to the cloud as soon as you save them. You can also choose to back them up to PDF, CSV, or to Google Drive!

The backend for HouseBook is much more sophisticated than purely storage. The backend is needed to make HouseBook work with the Google Assistant integration, sharing your house with housemates, and to facilitate the automatic syncing of your data between your devices(in the case of a lost/damaged phone). I really would like to have an export/import feature that lets you save your data to a cloud drive. Unfortunately, it is prohibitively complicated to do at this time since there would be two sources of truth between the HouseBook backend and the cloud drive. You can choose to export your data to Google Drive as a secondary backup. We highly recommend this!

You can delete your data and your account directly through the HouseBook app. Alternatively, you can send an email to