Home inventory made easy!

Tired of the chaos caused by misplaced items? Say hello to HouseBook – your all-in-one home inventory companion, available now on Android, iOS, and the Web!


Disasters happen.

Fires, Tornadoes, Floods Etc. Having an up-to-date home inventory will help you get your insurance claim settled faster. Everything is backed up to the cloud. So you do not need to worry about losing your data. Even if you lose your phone.


Smart Organization

HouseBook is organized how your house is already organized. By Room, Storage(i.e. a cabinet), and even Sub-Storage(i.e. a drawer in the cabinet).

"After trying 5 different inventory apps I hit the Jackpot and found HouseBook. Does everything I was looking for."

Adding items is a breeze

Our custom camera means you can snap a picture, add additional info, save, and then be ready to add another item.


Share and Collaborate

Invite housemates, tenants, or clients to collaborate on your inventory. Plus, sharing a simple link lets others view your inventory effortlessly.


Share with HouseMate

Gives access to somebody to view and modify your house

Share with public link.

Allows anybody with the link read-only access to your house

Time to take action

Join and get organized